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Representatives of Minsk Oblast became owners of the Golden Pen of Belaya Rus-2017

This year the competition was held in four nominations, each with three prizes


Tea Festival will be held in Myadel region

It will be held on September 30 in the excursion and tourism complex "Pharmacy Garden"


New social project started in Krupki

"Open Legal Advice" has earned on the basis of a day-time department for disabled local territorial center


Borisov region will make one of the most attractive for foreign and domestic investments

Such an ambitious task is posed by the new chairman of the region executive committee Gennady Dengaliev


Defensive combat practiced as part of Belarusian-Russian strategic army exercise Zapad 2017

Belarusian and Russian units from the regional military force practiced a defensive battle in the Borisovsky exercise area on 18 September


Minsk region and the Pomorskie voivodeship will expand cooperation in industry and logistics

The Minsk region and the Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland intend to expand cooperation in various industries and transport and logistics. The corresponding questions were discussed today at the 9th Belarus-Pomor Economic Forum in Minsk by Deputy Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Oleg Plavsky and Vice-Marshals of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Krzysztof Trawicki, BelTA has learned.

As Oleg Plavsky noted, communications established between the Minsk region and the Pomeranian voivodeship are important for Belarus as a whole.


In the Minsk region, the volume of the staple fund for fruits and vegetables will increase

In the Minsk region, in comparison with the previous year, it is planned to increase the volume of fruit and vegetable products in the stabilization fund, the head of the consumer market regulation department of the Main Department of Trade and Services of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Tamara Loiko, told BelTA.

To ensure the population with crop production for the upcoming inter-season period 2017/2018 in the Minsk region, 4167 tons of potatoes, 2,490 tons of cabbage, 990 tons of carrots, 850 tons of beets, 1086 tons of onions, 800 tons of fruit will be placed in the stabilization fund apples).


Awards of the open championship of the Minsk region on orienteering will be played in Slutsk

The open championship of the Minsk region on orienteering will be held in Slutsk and Slutsk district on September 15-17, BelTA has learned.

Teams of districts and cities of the Minsk region, physical culture teams (KFK), teams of orienteering clubs, as well as all those who have received a doctor's admission are allowed to participate in the championship. According to the conditions of the competition, participants in the age groups 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 35 and older will be able to start at the start.


Large cities of the Minsk region will host regional autumn fairs

Regional autumn fairs, where it will be possible to purchase a wide range of agricultural products and other consumer goods, will be held in the large cities of the Minsk region, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

The first of these events is scheduled for September 30 in Borisov. In addition to the enterprises of the Borisov district and the regional center, the enterprises of Berezinsky, Krupsky, Logoisk, Minsk, Pukhovichi, Smolevichi and Chervensky districts and the city of Zhodino will take part in the fair.


Week of institutions of additional education started in Minsk region

A week of institutions of additional education for children and youth started today in the Minsk region, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

"In all the centers of the region's creativity, activities are planned within the framework of the Year of Science, as well as large-scale socially significant events aimed at preserving the historical and cultural heritage, developing folk traditions, fostering the love of the Fatherland, maintaining their creative initiative, environment of the younger generation, "the institute noted.

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