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In the Minsk region, the volume of the staple fund for fruits and vegetables will increase

In the Minsk region, in comparison with the previous year, it is planned to increase the volume of fruit and vegetable products in the stabilization fund, the head of the consumer market regulation department of the Main Department of Trade and Services of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Tamara Loiko, told BelTA.

To ensure the population with crop production for the upcoming inter-season period 2017/2018 in the Minsk region, 4167 tons of potatoes, 2,490 tons of cabbage, 990 tons of carrots, 850 tons of beets, 1086 tons of onions, 800 tons of fruit will be placed in the stabilization fund apples). At the suggestion of the district executive committees, in comparison with the previous inter-seasonal period, the laying of potatoes (by 1.8%) will mainly increase. In general, the volume of fruit and vegetable products in the stabilization fund in the region will increase by 0.5%.

The crop production will be stored in vegetable and fruit stores, which are in charge of agricultural, trade organizations, organizations of consumer cooperative systems of the region and in farms.

As Tamara Loiko noted, the planned volume of a bookmark in the stabilization fund of potatoes, vegetables and fruits will allow to ensure uninterrupted trade in them during November-May. The harvest of vegetables in 2017 suggests that there is no significant increase in prices for fruit and vegetable products during the off-season period.

The laying of vegetables and fruits in the stabilization fund in the central region is planned to be completed by November 15.

Also, residents of the Minsk region will be able to buy crop production at the autumn fairs, the season of which will begin in the regional centers on September 16. These events will be held on weekends. Agricultural, processing, trade enterprises, forestry enterprises, fish farms, farmers and individual entrepreneurs will present at the fairs a wide range of agricultural products of the new crop, meat, dairy, culinary, confectionery products, as well as other food and non-food items, seeds, seedlings, agricultural equipment, etc. .

As it was reported, the regional autumn fairs will be held in the large cities of the Minsk region. The first of such events are scheduled for September 30 in Borisov and Slutsk. Further regional sales will take place in Nesvizh (October 22), in Vileyka and Zhodino (October 28). The fair season will continue until November 4.