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August 25 will be the autoboi for survival on the "Stalin Line"

On August 25, the territory of the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line" will be the autoboi for the survival of the Battle of Machines-5. This was announced by the organizers of the event.

On this day, experienced pilots from all over Belarus and invited guests from other countries will compete. A rich show program awaits the guests of the event.

Interactive zones and food courts will begin work at 11.00. Representation of participants and the beginning of the competition is scheduled for 14.00. At 20.00 the winners will be awarded.

Autoboi for survival is one of the most brutal car shows in the world. In such a duel there are practically no rules. The main ban is not to beat the rival's car in the driver's door. The "Battle of the Machines" series has already become a real brand among lovers of beautifully smashing specially prepared cars. It was at the IKK "Stalin's Line" that such car derby competitions were born and successfully held every year. Since 2016 "Battle of Machines" is an international tournament.