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In the Minsk region, four educational institutions

In the Minsk region, four educational institutions optimize, BelTA learned from Deputy Head of the Department of Preschool General Secondary, Vocational and Secondary Special Education of the Minsk Oblast Education Department Anna Beza.

She clarified that they are liquidating the Krasnoslobodskaya State Boarding School for Children of Somatic Pathology, which is located in the Soligorsk District, as well as the Minsk District Lyceum. Matkovo educational and pedagogical complex "kindergarten - secondary school" in the Vileika district will be reorganized into a "kindergarten - a basic school", and the Staroterushkiy UPK "kindergarten - the basic school of the Soligorsk district" will become a nursery school.

According to the expert, optimization allows improving the quality of educational services. "The education, sports and tourism departments of local executive and administrative bodies study the demographic situation in educational institutions and make forecasts for the future.If the number of children in the selected settlement decreases, the question of optimization is posed.This gives a positive economic effect. provide a place of work in other educational institutions, "said Anna Betza.

At the beginning of the last academic year, 9 educational institutions were liquidated in the Minsk region and 14 educational institutions were reorganized. In total, in the new academic year, 663 preschool institutions will open their doors to students, including 186 CCP "garden-school", as well as 514 general schools, 48 ​​institutions of additional education for children and youth, 38 institutions of vocational education.