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The best young investigator of Minsk will be selected at the training and methodological gathering in Volozhinsky district

The best young investigator will be selected on the training and methodological collection of the officers of the Investigative Committee for Minsk on September 5-7 in Volozhinsky district, BelTA learned from the head of USC Minsk, Dmitry Konoplyanik.

"21 young specialists with work experience of up to two years are participating in the competition for professional work, which includes specific investigative actions that will assess the ability to identify traces of a crime, draw up a protocol for the inspection of the scene of the incident, and appoint an expert examination. on the basis of the results of three days of testing, will be awarded diplomas, "said Dmitry Konoplyanik.

The venue for the contest and educational and methodological collection of the USK Minsk team was the sports and recreational center "Galaktika", where young and experienced investigators conduct theoretical and practical classes. "This is a unique opportunity for young employees in terms of training, simulating the places of incidents at which they will work in real time.This solution of various theoretical problems, the preparation of samples of procedural documents related to the inspection of the scene, the appointment of various kinds of expertise, knowledge of criminal and criminal procedural legislation. There will be master classes, young employees will learn about the specifics of carrying out certain investigative actions, get acquainted with forensic novelties. There will also be shooting and training in skills to master the methods of fighting, "- said the head of the department.

According to Dmitry Konoplyanik, he is pleased with the replenishment that comes to investigative units in recent years. "These guys are young, enthusiastic, indifferent to the profession they chose.Of course, with a certain attention to their formation is much faster.Therefore, the management of the professional training of young investigators regards it as one of the priority tasks. The first two years of service that young employees go through in the territorial offices are, first of all, the basis for the subsequent determination of their inclination to some specialization in the investigation of crimes. By the way, several participants in the collection of past years, whose work experience is three years, are already serving in the USC Investigation Department. It says a lot, "he stressed.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs remains the specialized educational institution for training investigators in the country. "Very close contacts have been established with the investigative and expert faculty of the academy, which is constant communication with cadets during the training process, participation in joint activities." However, to become an employee of the Investigative Committee, it is enough to have a higher legal education, it can be obtained, including in civil colleges and universities.The guarantee of further professional growth is the desire, motivation and desire to improve, "summed up Dmitry Konoplyanik.