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Young residents of Starye Dorgi can earn some money during summer holidays

Temporary employment of schoolchildren for this period is organized by the Office for Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Starodorozhsky District Executive Committee


Stadler plant in Belarus to receive €35m in investment

Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of Stadler Rail Group Peter Spuhler told the media after the meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko


Belarusian Railways launched "Children and Security" campaign

It is aimed at prevention of cases of non-productive injuries


About 300 participants will gather Minsk Regional Leaders Forum

About 300 participants will gather May 28-29 May Minsk Regional Leaders Forum in the health camp Neman in the Stolbtsy district, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

The Forum of Children's and Youth Initiatives "Youth Leadership: A Contemporary View" will be held under the motto "Cases and Ideas of Young People - Small Motherland!".


The festival of arts "Muzy Nyasvizha" will be held on May 24-26

ХХІII The festival of arts "Muzy Nyasvizh - 2018" will be held from 24 to 26 May, BelTA learned from the Minsk regional executive committee.

For more than 20 years, the National Academic Concert Orchestra of Belarus, led by Mikhail Finberg, with the support of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Nesvizh District Executive Committee, is organizing this one of the most striking events in the region.


Number of complaints to the Presidential Administration and the Minsk Regional Executive Committee decreases

The number of complaints to the Presidential Administration and the Minsk Regional Executive Committee decreases quarterly. This opinion was expressed to journalists by the presidential aide - inspector for the Minsk region Igor Evseev, who held today the reception of citizens on personal issues in the Old Roads, BelTA.

"The number of complaints to the Presidential Administration and the Minsk Regional Executive Committee is decreasing quarterly, which means that today local authorities are more qualitative about citizens' appeals, and I, as a representative of the Presidential Administration, want to own the situation and see how they respond to statements on the ground," he said.


Exhibition "Lesdrevtech" to be held in Minsk region on May 23-25

The international specialized exhibition "Lesdrevtech-2018" will be held May 23-25 ​​at the Globus Park TLC in the agro-town of Shchomyslitsa (Minsk region), BelTA learned from the press service of the Ministry of Forestry.

The forum will bring together experts and representatives of forestry companies from Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany and other countries.


In the Minsk region, the last bell will ring for almost 21 thousand graduates

The last bell will ring on May 30 for almost 21,000 school leavers in the Minsk region, Galina Kazak, head of the education department of the Minsk regional executive committee, told BelTA.

"Rulers on the occasion of the last call will be held in all 516 educational institutions of the capital region, more than 12,800 children will become graduates of the 9th grade, about 8,000 teenagers will receive a certificate of secondary education," Galina Kazak said.


Heavy investment in residential complex in China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone

As much as ¥127.17 million will be spent without compensation on building a rental residential complex in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone


One of the best ways for drones opened in Borovaya airport near Minsk

A new and already promising sport - drone-racing expands its borders in Belarus

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