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Service "We need each other" is being implemented in the Minsk region

In the territorial centers of social services for the population of the Minsk region, it is planned to introduce a mutual assistance service "We need each other". BelTA learned from the head of the department of state social support and social services of the committee on labor, employment and social protection of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Marina Gurchenko.

"This year the direction" We need each other "began to develop.


The events of the First World will be recreated at the festival in Ivatsevichi district

The fourth military-historical festival "The Vygonoschanska Forte", dedicated to the memory of the victims of the First World War, will be held July 14 in Ivatsevichi district, BelTA learned from the organizers.

The main emphasis during the military-historical reconstruction will be made on the events of a hundred years ago, which took place on the territory of the Oginsky Canal.


Ecological projects resonate with the youth of the Minsk region

Environmental projects are responding to the youth of the Minsk region. Olga Shibko, head of the youth policy section of the main department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, told BelTA.

Programs and projects on environmental education of youth and its involvement in practical activities to improve the environment are being implemented in the central region, and they all find their audience, the expert said.


Beekeepers of Minsk region plan to increase the volume of honey harvest by 20%

Beekeepers in the Minsk region plan to increase honey harvesting by 20% compared to last year, BelTA learned from Nikolai Fursevich, the leading engineer of the production and sales department of the Minsk State Forestry Production Association.

"According to the plan for the development of beekeeping for 2016-2020, it is necessary to collect about 35 tons of honey annually, because last year only 28 tons were procured because of unfavorable weather, and 21.


More than 36 thousand schoolchildren had a rest in the first shift in the health camps of the Minsk region

More than 36 thousand schoolchildren had a rest in the first shift in the health camps of the Minsk region, BelTA learned from the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

"There are more than 800 health camps in the Minsk region, including 170 with 24-hour stay, more than 630 with day care, about 6.8 thousand children and over 29 thousand children, respectively," in the institute.


In Minsk aeroclub, a monument in honor of the graduates

A monument in honor of graduates awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation appeared in the Minsk flying club, BelTA has learned.

The opening ceremony took place today at the Lipki airfield of the Minsk Aeroclub named after. Sergei Gritshevets. The memorial is dedicated to 15 graduates of the flying club, who received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation, their names are placed on the stele.


Youth subculture festival will be held June 23 in Minsk

The fifth festival of youth subcultures will be held in the capital on June 23, BelTA learned from the Minsk city organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

The glade of the mass events of Victory Park from 14.30 to 22.30 will bring together fans of various youth trends. On interactive stages you can listen to street musicians, watch the work of street art artists, participate in a master class on football freestyle and Challenge-marathon, learn the secrets of an illusionist.


More than 20 initiatives on the EU / UNDP project implemented in the Minsk region

In the Minsk region, 23 initiatives have been implemented for the EU / UNDP project "Facilitation of local development in the Republic of Belarus" from 2016 to 2018. This was announced by Deputy Permanent Representative of UNDP in Belarus Zachary Taylor at a conference on the results of the project, BelTA has learned.

"The Minsk region has implemented 23 initiatives, based on the principle of maximum participation, so a large number of people were involved who were not used to working together: they were representatives of local authorities, members of public organizations, and local people.


Cancer Screening Program in Belarus Expands - Sukonko

New cancer screening projects of different localizations will supplement the program for combating cancer in Belarus. This was announced today by the director of the RNPC of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov doctor of medical sciences professor Oleg Sukonko, the correspondent of BelTA reports.

In the country there is an increase in oncological diseases, more than 50 thousand new patients are diagnosed every year.


By end-2018, the number of residents of Belarusian-Chinese Industrial Park "Great Stone" to reach 40

This was broadcast on the air "Belarus 1" the head of the administration of the park Alexander Yaroshenko.

Now there are 35 residents in the park and there are agreements with investors, which allows us to talk about the appearance in the near future of at least 40 residents. In the middle of this year there is an opportunity to build a second production building, it is already in demand, there are willing to lease these areas.

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