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The Dzerzhinsk region is situated in the Minsk oblast. The northern and central part of the region with the Dzerzhinskaya mountain (345 metres above the Baltic sea) is located in the Minsk upland – the watershed of the Dnepr and the Neman. The southern part of the region lies in the Stolbtsy plain.

The geographic position of the Dzerzhinsk region is advantageous with a convenient transport communications. The town was first mentioned in 1146. Krutogorye, Koidanovo were the name of the ancient town of Belarus. On June 29, 1932 the town of Koidanovo was turned tino the town of Dzerzhinsk.

The region’s highway and railway link Minsk and Brest.

The area of the region is 118,930 hectares.

The administrative and territorial division of the region is as following: the town of Dzerzhinsk, the town of Fanipol, the urban-type settlement of Negoreloye, 12 rural and Negoreloye and Fanipol councils of deputies.
The population of the region is 61,500 people who live in 276 settlements of the region. The ethnic pattern is following: Belarusians account for 83%, Russians – 9.9%, Poles – 4.7%, Ukrainians – 1.6%, Jews – 0.07%, other nationalities – 0.7%.

Map of area