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Physical education and sports

There is a central stadium for 1,500 seats, a football pitch in the village of Cherkasy, the Gratsiya fitness centre in the region. Adults and children can train in 36 gyms, 13 sports facilities, seven indoor shooting ranges, five mini-pools and a swimming pool Blakitny in gymnasium No 1 of the town of Dzerzhinsk. Students of sports schools show good results in table tennis, chess, football, sambo. The region hosts annual regional sports events and all-round competitions Defender of the Motherland.

The Dzerzhinsk region is pound of its outstanding athletes who represent the Republic of Belarus at the international competitions. Among them is Yuri Rybak, European and World Sambo and Judo Champion, participant in the 2004 Olympic Games, Sergei Gribanov, bronze winner in discus throwing at the 2004 Paralympics, Astashevich brothers, many-time winners at the national and international competitions and others.

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